Gentle and Effective Treatment To Improve Your Health

Osteopathy is a safe and effective patient centred manual therapy which works in combination with the individuals own homeostatic mechanisms to help restore balance and optimal health. Our Holistic Osteopathic Clinic is now open in Oak Bay, Victoria BC and we are ready to help you - Book an appointment now!

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Full Osteopathic Evaluation

An initial consult to gain an osteopathic perspective on your areas of concern, and to initiate a customized treatment plan. 75 Minutes for $100

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Holistic Foot Care

Osteopathic mobilisation for the feet and lower legs, reflexology, feldenkrais, grounding and rebalancing. 45 Minutes for $80

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Children's Clinic

Osteopathy is wonderful for treating children of all ages, $60 per treatment

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Nervous System and Trauma Healing

Specialised Osteopathic approaches for aiding with recovery of anxiety, insomnia, depression, release of trauma and rebalancing for a healthy nervous system.

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Bozena Niedziela

Osteopathic Practitioner and Homeopath, B.A. HD, DOMTP, M.OMSc.

Bozena graduated from the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy and Health Sciences and has been working in Kitchener-Waterloo area for last 7 years. Bozena specializes in TBA (total body adjustment technique), visceral manipulation and cranial-sacral therapy. Bozena also undertook a 4 year study and clinical internship at The British Institute of Homeopathy and was awarded the Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine. Bozena completed her B.A. program at the University of Western Ontario with emphasis on psychology, European literature, philosophy and history of medicine.

Catherine Bryant

Osteopathic Practitioner and Cognitive Scientist, MOst, BSc, Dip APNT

Catherine graduated from the British School of Osteopathy and combines gentle physical therapy techniques with pain management. This includes helping to break cycles of pain as well as moving into a deeper connection with body and sensation. Her approach is warm, attentive and safe. Catherine has a top level degree in Cognitive Science and a Masters degree in Osteopathy, reflecting her ongoing interest in understanding how body and mind come together.

November 19, 2016

What is “Visceral Manipulation”?

Visceral manipulation is the practice of an experienced therapist using his or her hands to move and release fascial (sheets of connective tissue) restrictions in

November 19, 2016

How Osteopathic care helps post-surgery recovery

After any surgery, osteopathic care can help to avoid long term structural and physiological changes, which will cause pain and lower life quality. Especially abdominal

November 1, 2016

What Makes Osteopathy So Effective

“It is the object of a physician to find health, anyone can find disease” Andrew Taylor Still M.D., D.O. (founder of Osteopathy) Osteopathy is one

October 31, 2016

Is Osteopathy like Chiropractic?

No, Osteopathic Manual Medicine is not like Chiropractic. • Osteopaths trained in Canada do not use HVLA or thrust type adjustments – these are the